Macaroni made with egg with lamb sauce

(ingredients for 6 people) Half a kilo of flour (soft or hard wheat),…

(ingredients for 6 people)
Half a kilo of flour (soft or hard wheat), five eggs, a pinch of salt, 1 ½ kg of lamb (leg, ribs or belly), 250 grams lard (less if you use extra virgin olive oil), garlic, parsley, about 800 grams of tomato sauce.
For the lamb sauce:
Stud the leg of lamb with the lard, garlic and parsley (if you use the leg, you will also get a good second course, once the meat has been taken off the bone and cut up into pieces). Cut the meat into little cubes and brown them in the lard (they should be removed from the fat once they are golden), add the tomato sauce and a bit of water. Cook for two hours (cooking lard can be substituted by extra virgin olive oil).
For the pasta:
On a pastry board, stir the egg and the salt into the flour. Knead until the dough becomes elastic. Roll a thin sheet of pasta about 3 mm thick with a rolling pin. The sheet of pasta should be cut into strips about 15 cm wide, then placed one at a time on the “chitarra” (a small wooden frame fitted with many thin parallel wires) and pressed with the rolling pin to form macaroni ( crejuole). These will fall through the frame onto the pastry board, and then they should be placed in plenty of boiling water to cook for a few minutes.