Rafting Castel Del Giudice

Castel del Giudice is a pleasant town with beautiful natural surroundings, circled by apple orchards

The name of this sport comes from the inflatable boat that is used to practice it, which is called a “raft”. Rafting is nothing more than a descent of a river on board a large rubber boat, which is unsinkable and self-bailing. The rowers take their place on the raft, usually making up a crew of 6 or 7 people. The means of rowing the craft is by the use of oars, called paddles, and the safety of the participants in this activity is guaranteed by wearing a protective helmet, a neoprene wetsuit, a life jacket and a throwing rope.

Rafting is known mainly as a recreational activity, but it is actually a sporting discipline recognized by Coni; in fact every year an Italian championship is held, organixed by F.I. Raft, the Federation of Italian Rafting, during which many teams compete in the various discipines, including long distance, speed, slalom and head to head.

Rafting is very popular mainly because it is an exciting activity with a strong emotional impact and also because it lets you witness some spectacular mountain landscapes. Descending through streams and torrents boosts your adrenaline while you simultaneously enjoy the natural surroundings.

Anyone who wants to approach rafting to try a new experience in the company of friends will be able to count on a well-organized center that will supply all the technical information you need to assume the appropriate positions during the descent, and to manoevre the boat with paddles. There will also always be a specialized guide on board to coordinate all the raft’s movements.

Rafting is one of the most widespread extreme sports both in Italy and throughout Europe; as already mentioned, what makes rafting so popular is mainly its accessability (even from an economic point of view), the possibility to be in contact with nature but also (and perhaps above all) the possibility of practicing the sport in company. Rafting is used for these features even at an educational level, for example to teach cooperation and teamwork to young people who happen to be complicated and difficult to teach, thus forming a recuperative and formative role. Rafting is also a sport that is ideal for a family that wants to spend some quality time together, and it is also used by many companies to teach team-building to its employees (especially the manager), so that they have the opportunity to test themselves and understand how they can overcome a moment of difficulty or obstacles through teamwork.

Between Molise and Abruzzo, the Sangro River marks the border between the two regions, crossing a territory that is very rich from a naturalistic point of view. Castel del Giudice, on the Molise border in Alto Molise, is a pleasant place set in lovely natural surroundings and circled by apple orchards, where organic apples are cultivated, much of the crop being used to produce delicious fruit juices and jams.

The Sangro Outdoor Experience center is located in the forest next to the river, in a large green open space with volleyball, basketball, swings, slackline, picnic area, barbecues, parking in the shade, toilets, and a free beach for sunbathing or swimming.

Sangro Outdoor Experience organizes river activities such as canoeing and rafting as well as trekking and mountain biking.

The aquatic activities take place in total safety, the river is constantly checked and kept free of dangers. The necessary approved equipment is provided and you are followed by expert assistants.

By filling out a participation form, you will be automatically covered by insurance.

The fluvial path is 5 kilometers long and lasts an hour and a half. It is particularly attractive: winding through a large, very dense wooded area and displaying all the typical general characteristics of the Sangro.

Halfway through the route you will stop for a swim, to dive from the rocks and jump on the trampolines that have been set up on the river bank. During the descent, with a little luck, you will be able to see some wild animals that will approach the river out of curiosity: the wild boar, the roe deer, the kite flying up into the sky observing the approaching rafts descending from a distance.

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