Sweet meetings: visits to the Agnonese confectionery

Do not miss the visit to the confectionery of Agnone to savor the delights of tradition

1 hr
0.5 km

Dolciaria “Carosella”

From over 150, from father to son, recipes with an ancient flavor are handed down intact, genuine, tasty! It is as if time had stopped in the ancient laboratory and in the intact store furnished with the antique wardrobes.

Dolciaria “LabbateMazziotta”

Innovation has added to the tradition! And so the spouses Nino Labbate and Ines Mazziotta founded in 1976 this confectionery that adds a precious piece in the panorama of the taste of Molise and Agnon, in particular!

“Gerry” Pastry

Passion is born. But the passions must grow and must be cultivated. Gerry Labbate is well aware that, from his father’s workshop, Nicola (Bar Pasticceria 2000), he has seen the birth and affirmation of sweets such as “Il dolce della Pace”, “La tina”. The passion for good things, for genuine things that do not need any “artifice” to impose themselves, he inherited them like that.