Places of sport and nature

The ideal way to experience the Alto Molise

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Climbing and trekking in Pescopennataro
A town with imposing limestone walls on which it is possible to practice the sport of climbing. It is ideal for visitors who love to immerse themselves in a picturesque scenery from the naturalistic point of view, practicing trekking.

Discovering the naturalistic paths of Capracotta and skiing in Capracotta
It is the ideal place to practice various outdoor sports activities, both in the winter months and in the summer: the territory has numerous trails for trekking and offers ski lovers both cross-country and downhill slopes.

Riding in Staffoli
Staffoli, near the “Casa Cantoniera Tre Termini”, in the territory of Agnone, is a farm holiday extended for more than 400 hectares, which welcomes in the summer one of the largest equestrian gatherings of central and southern Italy: the Corsalonga.

“Cerris Park” Adventure Park
The Adventure Park “Cerris Park” is located in the Bosco di Sant ‘Onofrio in the municipality of Chiauci, along the valley of the river Trigno. It owes its name to the dominant botanical species “Quercus cerris” in the wood. In addition to the adventure park, there is a refreshment area equipped with picnic tables and barbecues, a bar, an indoor parking, toilets, allowing you to spend a wonderful day full of fun and relaxation.

Riserva MAB Collemeluccio-Montedimezzo
Nature Reserve, part of the UNESCO “Man And Biosphere” program, established to guarantee the conservation of nature and its biodiversity in harmony with man and his activities. The two historical nucleuses of the reserve fall respectively in the municipality of Pescolaciano and of Vastogirardi.

Rafting at Castel Del Giudice
Castel del Giudice is a pleasant place surrounded by nature and surrounded by apple orchards; a stone’s throw from its town, on the river Sangro that marks the border with the Abruzzo region, it is possible to practice rafting.

Garden of the Apennine Flora
It is a botanical garden covering about 10 hectares, among the highest in Italy, where plants are grown and harvested for different purposes, such as scientific research, conservation and education.

Rio Verde Waterfalls
The waters of the Rio Verde moving towards the nearby Abruzzo region and flowing between overhanging calcareous bastions in Borrello (Ch), give life to the highest natural waterfalls in the Apennines and the latter in Italy, to then flow into the Sangro river .

Verrino Waterfalls
The waters of the river Verrino, in the highest part of its course, flowing along very impervious stretches of land (difference in height of 300m in 4 Km), form particularly evocative waterfalls. The area, both for the vegetation and for the fauna, shows an exceptional naturalistic value.