Dolciaria “Carosella”

The sweet soul of Agnone

From over 150, from father to son, recipes with an ancient flavor are handed down intact, genuine, tasty! It is as if time had stopped in the ancient laboratory and in the intact store furnished with the antique wardrobes. It immediately hits the scent of good that you feel entering, you immediately understand that, by choice, this is left a pastry laboratory that wants to satisfy the palate, not the market! And so let us tempt from sweets prepared by hand, one by one, with organic jams from orchards owned, with the best cocoa, chocolate and almonds and walnuts and fresh eggs! The fabulous Ostie, the superb Torroni, the grandiose Mostaccioli, the finest Royal Pastas, the tender and crunchy “Tegole” and the confetti … the curly ones! Sicilian almond d’Avola wrapped in a crisp and soft shell of sugar … a taste that is a feast for the palate: unique! Unrepeatable!
Entrusted to the young, sensitive and expert hands of Roberta Sabelli Carosella, let yourself be guided in this little paradise of taste.
A rich medal collection highlights the prestige of this historic pastry but also many recent awards: a story of the confectionery tradition of Agnone that has remained unchanged over time!