“Leopoldo Del Re” astronomy observatory

An unforgettable stop for star-lovers

Situated between the Municipality of San Pietro Avellana and that of Capracotta, at an altitude of 1350m a.s.l.; equipped with a dome with a diameter of 4 meters and a Ritchey-Chrétien telescope of 40 cm in diameter.

The provincial observatory offers star enthusiasts an unforgettable experience; you can enjoy the night sky show even in the early hours of the evening. The establishment provides visits to the Planetarium as well as actual observation directly from the dome and the projection of images acquired directly from the telescope. Experts from the observatory are on hand to take you on an absolutely unmissable trip to our Universe.
The observatory is available for accommodating groups of visitors, scholars and students; to make a visit it is necessary to book by contacting the Province of Isernia, tel. 08654411.