The Verde Falls

The highest natural waterfalls in the Appenines

The waters of the Rio Verde flow towards the nearby Abruzzo Region and rush between overhanging chalky rock bastions in the locality of Borrello (Ch), creating the highest natural waterfall in the Appenines, second highest in Italy, to then flow into the Sangro River.
The Falls of the Rio Verde are formed by a drop of 200m and have a significantly higher flow in the Spring.
The entire area that welcomes them is protected (Regional Natural Reserve – WWF – Oasis) and extends over a total area of 287.50 hectares, to an altitude that varies between 400 and 900m a.s.l.
The waters of the falls are characterized by an elevated biological quality and are home to species such as the rare river crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes), the crab (Potamon fluviatile), and the brown trout.
As for the flora, the presence of maidenhair fern and wild orchids is of particular interest.

Inside the reserve there are several hiking trails; the Nature Path is a particularly interesting one that takes you directly to the heart of the OASIS and arrives at the Reserve Visitor’s Center and to the Refreshment BAR. After another hundred meters you reach the Observatory, a panoramic terrace which overlooks the Sangro Valley, offering a breathtaking view that will not leave you disappointed.

In the shade of maples, holm oaks, downy oaks and white firs, the Cascate del Verde path lets you see the first two falls after just a few minutes of walking, even if it’s from a distance. To reach the most scenic viewing point, the most attractive one, you have to undertake a path with steps (about 200) to fully appreciate the first and second falls.
On the other hand the Vecchio Mulino path runs along the banks of the Rio Verde and leads to the ruins of an old mill where you can admire parts of the structure that are built with the dry stone wall technique.

Additional information

You can marvel at the waterfall from 3 different frontal perspectives.
Clothing and footwear suitable for the season is recommended.