“Gerry” Pastry

The sweet soul of Agnone

Passion is born. But the passions must grow and must be cultivated. Gerry Labbate is well aware that, from his father’s workshop, Nicola (Bar Pasticceria 2000), he has seen the birth and affirmation of sweets such as “Il dolce della Pace”, “La tina”. The passion for good things, for genuine things that do not need any “artifice” to impose themselves, he inherited them like that.
Then his creativity led him to create sweets such as “Il Guerriero sannita”, La Tavola Osca “.
The love for genuineness is further revealed in its panettone prepared with sourdough, waiting for the right time, slowly. The best ingredients and the absence of haste … because hurry does not do good things: Jerry yes!
And that’s why his panettone is in the “top 40” of the best Italian artisan panettone!
In its cozy pastry bar, whenever you like, a moment of peace and relaxation related to the taste and pleasure of a good dessert … but done well!