San Antonio Abate church

The 18th century bell tower is stupendous

The triumph of the baroque altars with their paintings dating from the eighteenth century is reached through a Gothic portal that bears the date of the construction of the temple: 1118. Above it lies a late baroque window. There is a splendid fresco of the Last Judgement, a work that is dated 1793 and signed by Francesco Palumbo; in addition there are depictions of the sacrifice of Isaac, the expulsion from the Garden of Eden and the Presentation of the Tablets of the Commandments to Moses. Outside there is the splendid 18th century bell tower (work started in 1725) which has Vanvitellian references: it is the most beautiful of the numerous bell towers that rise into the town’s skyline. To be noted is the organ, carved and inlaid, the work of the ancient D’Onofrio family, originally from Poggio Sannita.

Additional information

Via Cavour, 70.

The church is open to worship and can usually be visited at any time of the year. Time needed for a visit about an hour.