The “FRANCESCO GERBASI” museum of copper

A leap between past and present

The museum is named for the family’s ancestor Francesco, copperworker, born in San Buono (CH) in 1856, and the Gerbasi family, one of the last heirs of this ancient art, have managed to recreate a really impressive journey into the ancient skill of working with copper in these rooms, next to the current workshops, including many fascinating details. The various stages of processing this metal are exhibited with every means possible, both visual and material, leading to the refined finish that the skilled engravers carried out on the rough artefacts. And there are many objects on display at various times to demonstrate one of the most important aspects of our town’s history. For centuries such a flourishing economic activity based on copper existed that there are many impressive quotations that testify to its importance. “One of the most predominant towns in the Kingdom of Naples” (Sigonio);

Prato in Tuscany, Crema in Lombardy, Fabriano in the Marche, Barletta in Puglia, Agnone in Abruzzo” (Ferrante della Marra, Duke of the Guardia, 1641);
The metalworkers of Agnone travel around all the towns of the region in the summer season and wherever they arrive they set up an outdoor workshop” (Journey in Molise of Francesco Jovine, 1941);
La callara e la tina ena esse d’Agnone!” (popular oral tradition known in many areas of Molise and the Abruzzo).
Very strict rules for the processing of copper were contained in the Statutes and Chapters of the Land of Agnone of 1456 (the originals are kept in the Emidiana Library of Agnone). Those who did not respect these rules were punished with heavy penalties. In the Catasto Onciario, drawn up in 1753, it is possible to note that there were more than 150 families involved in the art of copper, so that it was the business with the highest number of workers. There is a lovely phrase that advertises the adjoining shop “La Ramera” that reads:
La Ramera, heir to the past, guardian of the present, responsible for the future”.
A leap between past and present that you will not forget.

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