Dolciaria “LabbateMazziotta”

Do not miss the visit to the confectionery of Agnone to savor the delights of tradition

Innovation has added to the tradition! And so the spouses Nino Labbate and Ines Mazziotta founded in 1976 this confectionery that adds a precious piece in the panorama of the taste of Molise and Agnon, in particular! It is in the imagination, in the accuracy of the choice of ingredients, in the continuous pursuit of perfection of taste that come to life specialities such as: La Campana, the Ostie and the Mostaccioli Reali and that reaches its peak with the careful workmanship chocolate that takes every kind of shape: nice to see … very good to eat! And ice creams and varied fresh pasta, confetti and dragees!
A sweet fairy tale that takes even more body by visiting the modern laboratory located in the pleasant Valle di San Lorenzo …. Called “Valle del cioccolato”.
There is a sweet soul in Agnone, a soul that knows how to involve all the senses! It is enclosed in the Dolciaria LabbateMazziotta!