San Emidio church

Dedicated to Sant’Emidio, protector against earthquakes

Particular cult building with two naves. The first post at the entrance dates from 1300, the year in which the foundation of the church was built. The second nave was added in about 1400, using part of the medieval perimeter walls constructed to defend the town. In this church you enter through an elegant, sumptuous portal in the Pugliese Gothic style which was commissioned by Guglielmo Borrello, lord of Agnone at the beginning of the 13th century. The work is similar to that seen in the cathedrals of Larino and Lanciano. It is made out of white stone, divided in flowery Gothic style, surmounted by a huge rose window which originally had stone beams. In the interior, among the beauty of each single altar, the life size statues (attributed to the Neapolitan school of 1600) stand out; they represent the Cenacle, with Jesus and the 12 Apostles. There is also a lot of art in the sculptural works of Giovanni and Amalia Duprè and in a Crucifix made by Giulio Monteverde. The construction of the bell tower of the church dates back to 1600. The church was named after Saint Emidio – protector against earthquakes – by the Ascolani, who had a close commercial relationship with Agnone in the wool and fabrics business.

Additional information

Largo Pietro Micca. The Church of Sant’Emidio is usually open to the public all year round. Time needed to visit is an hour.